Coffee with Milk Recipe

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Originally founded in 1808, Gran Café de la Parroquia (also called “La Parroquia”) is a Veracruz institution, and it made the Café Lechero famous. Patrons flock to this establishment to enjoy the fresh, hot coffee with milk, and a piece of “pan dulce”, (sweet breakfast bread). When they run out of coffee, they simply tap the glass with their spoon, and that’s the waiter’s cue to come and give them a refill! They start by adding some espresso to the glass, then pour in the milk from really high up (like when pulling tea). This makes the coffee extra frothy and delicious!

There are three reasons for which I’m making this post: the first one being that I love Veracruz, the magical port city in the Gulf of Mexico! I lived there for some time and still have family there, so the ties to Veracruz are strong for me. Secondly, my Dad loved this recipe, and while I was talking to my mom about our Day of the Dead altar, she mentioned that I had to include Coffee with milk -Café Lechero in our altar. This brings us to the third reason: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is coming up, and I’ll be talking about making the Day of the Dead altar in this post.