Goods Coffee

We also produce ready coffee (roasted beans and ground) to brew from selected single origin and mix of arabica and robusta. The beans are grabed from Puntang, Halu, Papandayan - West Java Island. To makes a blend coffee, we mix arabica from West Java and robusta from Kerinci, Sumatra Island.


Packaging Feature Bottom flat Gusset wirh zipper
Type of Beans Selected single origin or mixed
Country of origin beans Indonesia
Storage conditions store in cool, dry and hygienic conditions
Shelf life 12 months from production if stored in correct condition
Physical parameter appereans brown roasted beans or powder
Level of roasting medium or light to medium
Organoleptic parameter body strong
Aroma original coffee
Taste Arabica: strong acidity, floral, fruity, sweetness, very low bitter.
  Blend : mellow, low acidity, normal coffee taste
Color brown
Chemical parameter moisture content under 7%