About Us

Vision and Mission


To be the best company at the national level that manages the coffee business and other agricultural products, thereby providing benefits to farmers and consumers as well as other related parties


  1. Processing coffee harvests from farmers to become ready-to-eat coffee products.
  2. Develop techniques for processing coffee cherries on an ongoing basis.
  3. Assist and encourage coffee farmers to further increase the quantity and quality of their harvests.
  4. Providing pure coffee with natural character without the addition of other ingredients besides coffee.
  5. To become a global coffee company.


Our Commitment

As the coffee company, Karya Optima Pitaya, CV., responsible for the double through good corporate management.

  1. Karya Optima Pitaya, CV., should be a good partner to supplier, end user, or other business partner and provide good service to loyal customers on our products, due partners and customers is this investment goes beyond financial transactions they are an investment in loyalty and trust good business judgements and a good job..
  2. Karya Optima Pitaya, also should be good in a through waitress technology, natural resources and human resources needed to run its business. That is why Karya Optima Pitaya, committed to implementing best practises, is responsible for all production fasilities and sustainable, supply chain management for all sources off coffee,


Target Market

Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philipines, Korea, Rusia, Turkey