About Us



Elevating Indonesian coffee and agricultural industry, fostering prosperity for farmers, consumers, and stakeholders


  • Empower Indonesian farmers for improved livelihoods.
  • Provide high-quality products to global consumers.
  • Foster industry growth through innovation and sustainability.
  • Build strong partnerships with stakeholders for sector development.

Our Commitment

Our commitment at Karya Optima Pitaya, CV., extends to responsible and ethical corporate management on multiple fronts.

  1. We prioritize being a reliable partner to our suppliers, end users, and other business partners, providing exceptional service to build lasting relationships. We recognize that these connections go beyond mere financial transactions; they represent investments in loyalty, trust, sound business decisions, and overall excellence
  2. Karya Optima Pitaya places a strong emphasis on the responsible management of technology, natural resources, and human resources essential for our operations. To achieve this, we are dedicated to implementing best practices across all aspects of production facilities and ensuring sustainability in our supply chain management, especially concerning our coffee sources.”

Since 2020, we have delivered our product to countries across Europe and Asia.